Friday, February 8, 2013

Fabulous New Design Center in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Design Center
410 Olive Street, Santa Barbara

Today I stopped by the Home Improvement Center to pick
 up some plants for my garden, and as I was leaving the 
parking lot, I noticed the new SB Design Center 
across the street.

Who doesn't love to browse in a new store?
Here is what I found....

 A huge warehouse turned into a gorgeous new display

 of elegant, custom furniture

 of every style imaginable

 along with accessories for home and garden

 The owner, Michael Kourosh, informed me that

 the sofas are made to order, as are the rugs

 There is the enormous display of Rugs 'N More
My dining room has been graced by a beauty
from Rugs 'N More for a few years.


You may remember Michael's Store (Rugs "N More) 
on upper State Street?
This new location displays his stunning furnishings 
and rugs so much more elegantly. 
It is hard to leave without wanting to redo your home!
I've been told that Rugs 'N More provided 
most of the gorgeous rugs and carpeting in 
the refurbished Santa Barbara Biltmore Hotel.

Oh and by the way, in the spirit of full disclosure, this elegant space
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