Saturday, April 30, 2011

Santa Barbara Fair and Expo

called..."The Land of Ahhhhhs"
April 27 - May 1, 2011

Earl Warren Showgrounds (Las Positas and Hwy 101)

the Carnival Midway offers more than 30 rides and attractions

including a Petting Zoo for  children, pony rides and 
a Kid's Carnival

The Wizard of Oz ....
theme will  feature a Look-alike Contest on opening day, Wednesday, April 27th
Everyone who dresses as one of the characters from
"The Wizard of Oz" will be admitted to the fair free.
(full costumes only, masks don't count)

Warren Hall (Emerald City) will feature the expo, a showcase of local foods,
wine & beer, arts & crafts, horticulture and fine arts displays.
lots of free samples of featured desserts, appetizers and other yummy foods in
the Fair & Expo Cooking Contest.

Tickets available at the door...
info:  805-687-0766;

Friday, April 29, 2011

StoryFaire Saturday In Santa Barbara

Saturday April 30th
Come Visit The Cat in the Hat

City Council Member Grant House, dressed as Dr. Suess's famous character,
The Cat in the Hat, will greet kids at StoryFaire
at De La Guerra Plaza from 11 am to 4 pm

Free Event open to all ages

Children's authors will read and sign their books
Children's Book Illustrators
Music, Entertainment and Face Painting
Art From Scrap activities for kids

Co-hosted by
CALM (Child Abuse Listening and Mediation)
Storyteller Children's Center
(2 amazing local non-profits looking out for kids)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter!

It is Spring in Santa Barbara!

After a long and very welcomed rainy season....
and several unusually warm days...
Spring has truly Sprung!

Some of the Monarch's are already flying around
and many fat caterpillars are looking for a place to make their pupa
Lots and lots of birdies are building nests in our gardens....

 Easter is a time...when all of life is renewed....

join us for Easter Brunch in our beautiful garden....

Easter baskets are ready to be enjoyed....
wishing you all the blessings of Easter and Passover however you may celebrate

and a renewal of hope, peace and joyful celebration!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Orchids in Santa Barbara

 Santa Barbara has the perfect climate to grow orchids

I inherited this plant from my green thumbed Mom many years ago
This plant had over 20 flower spikes, started blooming in December and lasted through early March.
Another of my pinkish white cymbidiums currently also has over 20 spikes
My cymbidiums stay outside all year...I only bring in a couple of the big ones when they are in bloom.
Last Friday I was touring new property listings on the More Mesa Bluffs.
Two of our oldest Orchid Nurseries are located on More Mesa.
These Nurseries are open to the public and are internationally known for their amazing varieties
of orchids....including new hybrids cultered on site!

Come along with me for a visit...

Santa Barbara Orchid Estate

Amazing and Exotic

Ahhhh...rows 'n rows of my beloved Cymbidiums

This Laelia is named, "Santa Barbara Sunset Streaker"
Cal Orchid just down the way....

"Home of:  The Living Bouquet"
Proprietor and grower, Lauris Rose has been cultivating orchids for a long time

Lauris took me for a personal tour of her beautiful orchids and
gave me a mini-education along the way...

Another favorite of mine, "Epidendrums"...pictured are the new hybrids,
cultivated by Cal-Orchid, which make fewer keikis and have larger flower heads which look
 like they have mini butterflies dancing on them.
I went home with a new addition to my Epis...a coral colored one
and a gorgeous chocolate red Cymbidium...both from Cal-Orchid!

These wonderful nurseries are open to the public Monday through Saturday
both are located on Orchid Drive, Santa Barbara
Go for a tour...take photos... you will fall in love, and maybe even take home an orchid!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Santa Barbara Kite Festival

April is Kite Month in Santa Barbara
Sunday, April 10th 11am-4pm
free admission and free parking
The 26 annual Santa Barbara Kite Festival
will take flight from the West Campus of Santa BarbaraCity College in the "Great Meadow".
The blufftop lawn overlooks the beautiful Santa Barbara harbor and breakwater
and is a perfect location for kite flying

Flyers of all abilities are welcome.  Competitions range from "kite flying" and "sport flying" for skilled flyers to more accessible categories such as "most beautiful", "highest flying, and "largest kites".
 "Tail Chaise" is a popular event for children in various age groups. 
Kites will be available for purchase at the festival.
Santa Barbara City College's West Campus is located next to the college's main campus at 721 Cliff Drive.

information and photo obtained from the Kitefestival website

 for more information, call 805 637-6202, or 805 963-2964; or log on to

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Santa Barbara's Beaches

From Carpinteria to Summerland, Montecito, Santa Barbara, Hope Ranch and Goleta

California Dreaming.....Life's a Beach....
Carpinteria Beach, knows as "The Safest Beach"

 Volley Ball and Picnic Tables. Great family beach, not known for surfing.
Carpinteria State Campground,  free on street parking

Padero Lane Beach is flanked by Mega Million Dollar Homes, but the beach remains public

Butterfly Beach, Montecito
Located across from the Historic Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel
very picturesque...dogs allowed on a leash also a very popular beach for locals

 West Beach at bottom of State Street looking at the Stearn's Wharf
Bicycle path, trolley stop, parking lot and lots of activity centers here

Santa Barbara Yacht Club at Stearns Wharf
Come observe the 'Wet Wednesday' Sailors

Leadbetter Beach a great place for large gatherings. including community events
...plenty of parking (paid).
Shoreline Cafe offers a nice casual beachie menu

Leadbetter Beach is across from Santa Barbara Community College
a great place to study, walk,, kite board, windsurf,  ...offers a parking lot and picnic facilities

 Hendry's Beach, mostly a local's beach is my favorite beach
(oficially known as Arroyo Burro Beach)
the Boathouse is a wonderful restaurant with an outdoor patio
There's also a burger style take out spot and a free parking lot

Hendry's is a favorite "local" beach for all ages and especially for beginning surfers
 a super spot to observe the Hangliders coming from Ehlings Park
Goleta Pier and Beach...great for fishing and swimming...nearby picnic tables and bbq facilities,
free parking lot.  Accessible by bicycle path from Goleta to UCSB
not known as a surf beach

Goleta Beach looking towards Santa Barbara

Can you just hear the Beach Boys singing...."wouldn't it be nice?" and
"California Dreamin...."