Saturday, April 2, 2011

Santa Barbara's Beaches

From Carpinteria to Summerland, Montecito, Santa Barbara, Hope Ranch and Goleta

California Dreaming.....Life's a Beach....
Carpinteria Beach, knows as "The Safest Beach"

 Volley Ball and Picnic Tables. Great family beach, not known for surfing.
Carpinteria State Campground,  free on street parking

Padero Lane Beach is flanked by Mega Million Dollar Homes, but the beach remains public

Butterfly Beach, Montecito
Located across from the Historic Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel
very picturesque...dogs allowed on a leash also a very popular beach for locals

 West Beach at bottom of State Street looking at the Stearn's Wharf
Bicycle path, trolley stop, parking lot and lots of activity centers here

Santa Barbara Yacht Club at Stearns Wharf
Come observe the 'Wet Wednesday' Sailors

Leadbetter Beach a great place for large gatherings. including community events
...plenty of parking (paid).
Shoreline Cafe offers a nice casual beachie menu

Leadbetter Beach is across from Santa Barbara Community College
a great place to study, walk,, kite board, windsurf,  ...offers a parking lot and picnic facilities

 Hendry's Beach, mostly a local's beach is my favorite beach
(oficially known as Arroyo Burro Beach)
the Boathouse is a wonderful restaurant with an outdoor patio
There's also a burger style take out spot and a free parking lot

Hendry's is a favorite "local" beach for all ages and especially for beginning surfers
 a super spot to observe the Hangliders coming from Ehlings Park
Goleta Pier and Beach...great for fishing and swimming...nearby picnic tables and bbq facilities,
free parking lot.  Accessible by bicycle path from Goleta to UCSB
not known as a surf beach

Goleta Beach looking towards Santa Barbara

Can you just hear the Beach Boys singing...."wouldn't it be nice?" and
"California Dreamin...."

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