Saturday, May 25, 2019

I Madonnari Street Painting Festival 5-25, 26, 27

I Madonnari
Italian Street Painting Festival
in front of 
Mission Santa Barbara

All proceeds to Benefit the Children's Creative Project, a non-profit arts education program of the County Education Office.  The Project provides resident artist workshop and performance for 50,000 children in 90 schools.
Street painting by 200 local artists and children will transform the Old Mission Plaza. Using chalk on pavement is an Italian tradition since the 16th century. The international competition is held each year in Grazie di Curtatone, Italy.  Join our celebration and enjoy live music, an Italian market of fine foods, and Mission tours.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

May 25 through September


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(photo by Holly Hern)

The following information is copied from the SB Museum of Natural History Newsletter. I nurture and grow Milkweed for Monarch Butterflies myself in my outdoor garden and belong to an international FB Group for the education of raising and protecting Monarchs. So I love to share this annual program conducted at the SBNH Museum

Things are really ramping up here at the Museum. We just received hundreds of chrysalides and a few butterflies have already emerged! 

We're also busy getting ready for our summer exhibit, Prehistoric Forest, which will bring seven animatronic dinosaurs to our wooded area across the creek. Become a Member and visit these spectacular exhibits for free.

Both summer exhibits Butterflies Alive! and Prehistoric Forest open on Saturday, May 25and are included in Museum admission. 

Here are some photos of the Monarch caterpillars (cats) that visit my garden:

 photos by Carla Reeves

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Come visit my little garden in Paradise

Santa Barbara's Climate is Semi-Tropical
with many micro-climates

My current garden is small and manageable by me.
My last garden was an acre and needed help from professionals.
I love, love, love gardening!
It must be my Dutch heritage.

Here are some photos of my garden....

Cecil Bruner Climbing Rose
heavenly scent

Birdbath with air-plants

Tripple air-plants from a Seller's garden

Epiphyllums starting to bloom
These are also orphans from a Seller's garden
I have eight plants in several colors

succulents, so easy to grow and exchange with other gardeners

Milk-weed is so easy to grow and propagate
attracts bees and Monarchs

Milkweed for my Monarch Caterpillars
easy to grow from seeds

here's a big cat ready to begin his transformation

heavenly scented night blooming Jasmin

Angel Trumpet - gift cutting from a Seller's garden

my Mom's 50-year-old cymbidium

Epidendrum - also a cutting from a Seller
so easy to propagate 
I have in 5 colors

Banksia Climbing Rose

Jade plant needs to be cut back regularly

Elephant Ear gift from my Seller at the close.
It was 1/3 of a large one he had in a tree.

Thanks for visiting my garden.  As Realtor I visit many gardens and as you can see my clients have often shared their plants and flowers with me. Four years ago when we moved here
there was nothing growing in this little plot.  My wonderful husband helped me create this bit of paradise as his legacy to me.  Whenever I dig in the dirt or look at my beautiful garden I think of him.