Sunday, March 20, 2016

SPRING has Sprung today!

can you just "smell" the Jasmine? heavenly!

In the Northern Hemisphere, the spring (vernal) equinox will occur on Sunday, March 20, at 04:31 UTC. UTC stands for Universal Coordinated Time and is the time standard commonly used across the world. In the United States, this translates to Saturday, March 19 in the Central, Mountain and Pacific time zones (11:31 pm CDT10:31 pm MDT9:31 pm PDT), and Sunday, March 20 at 12:31 am EDT.
On the first day of spring sunrise and sunset are about 12 hours apart everywhere on Earth and the hours of daylight and night are almost equal.
In spring, the axis of the Earth is increasing its tilt toward the celestial equator — the imaginary line in the sky above the Earth's equator — from south to north. Day length increases as the season progresses.
Warming temperatures cause plants to "spring forth," giving the season its name.

(thank you Dick Fawcett of Prospect Mortgage for sending me the above information!)

yellow rose hedge is in full bloom

Favorite Cymbidium Orchid at least 35 years young!
dozens of flower spikes every Spring
I inherited this beauty from my Mom

Angel Trumpet which I planted from a small cutting last year!

yellow Epi (poor man's orchid)
also started from a "pup" a few years ago

Gorgeous rose planted for me by my dear husband last year.

can you believe these profusely blooming miniature margarites?

How is your garden growing???

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Santa Barbara International Orchid Show March 5 and 6,

Santa Barbara International Orchid Show Logo

Earl Warren Showgrounds
General Admission $14

Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Teacher's Fund by Village Properties, Santa Barbara

Established by Village Properties as a Non-profit to give back to our community. Funded by Village Properties Agents, clients and the public.

From Our Teachers
The Teacher's Fund was founded to support our local classrooms. Starting with very first request, we realized how crucial fulfillment of these supplies truly is the success of our teachers and students. In this video, we asked a few of the teachers we have supported to speak about their experience with Teacher's Fund and how the fund has made a difference in their classroom. 

We are proud of the funding we have been able to provide since 2012 and we will continue to embrace new requests for years to come. If you or a teacher you know has benefited from the Teacher's Fund, we would love to hear your experience. We encourage you to send us an email or Facebook message with your story. 

We learned some new synonyms with this thank you note!
The Teacher's Fund is proud to donate books of every kind,
including dictionaries and thesauruses.
While computers may be a great resource as well,
 it's fun to see students enjoying the discovery of
new words simply by opening a book and turning
 its pages. You're welcome, Bethany. Enjoy!





If you know a person or organization that would be
 interested in joining our cause,
please forward them this email.

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