Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Artist Transforms Huge Tree Stump in Montecito

What do you do with a dead old
Tree Stump?

 Larry Lefner...he'll figure it out
start with a stump
Tree circumference19 feet, 18 feet tall.

get out the power tools and hard hat

chisel, brushes, scaffolding, ropes, etc.

amazing detail


The Humming Bird Cove

started September 2012,
worked five days a week.

  Here it is!  This is the largest outdoor sculpture Larry has ever been commissioned for.  This huge Sycamore tree is in Montecito, California at a local residence.  They requested flowers, hummingbirds and the foliage of a tree; and of course Larry can carve it!
About The Artist
Larry is an artist who defies categorization because his approach to creativity is constantly evolving. While working primarily with wood, Larry creates both fine and functional art that embraces a wide range of themes, from nature-scene architectural motifs to stand-alone abstract sculptures. Many residents of Sante Fe, New Mexico and Aspen, Colorado have collected his work during the forty years he has been a professional sculptor.

Some of Larry's most notable accomplishments in recent years include a monumental tree sculpture commissioned by Joshua Creek Ranch in Boerne, TX.  The entire story is documented on our blog page.  The Fly Fisherman Tree Sculpture commissioned by the town of Basalt is a favorite with locals in the Roaring Fork Valley, and the memorial sculptural bench in front of the Woody Creek Tavern is one more original Lefner.
Larry also has developed his own unique method of sculpting which is a composition of colorful hardwoods.  We call it Mosaic Sculpture.  It is a technique created by Larry alone.  Sometimes we describe it as 'mixed wood' sculpture. People think that these sculptures are painted, but the variety of colors actually belong to the different types of woods. These works of art are truly amazing to behold.

Larry also creates functional art such as doors, windows, carved beams and more.

To Contact Larry 

Telephone: 970.379.8636

to visit Larry's Website and see more of 
his amazing art, click here

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