Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Downton Abbey Comes to Santa Barbara!

Downton Abbey Tea Event to Sign the
"Free Bates" Petition!

at the Reeves Manor

22 Ladies gathered over a 
hearty Tea to discuss how to
"Free Mr. Bates"

Carsten and Lady LaVelle were 
to announce arriving guests!

Ladies Janice, Marilyn and Karolina
conspired to field the Petition

 Lady Suzette had her ear to the 
ground to round up witnesses

 As well said by the Dowager Violet, 
"Nothing spells success like excess!"

 Tea was prepared by the Staff

 such serious business 
requires sustenance!

Mrs. Patmore would have approved!
our hard work paid off!
Mr. Bates has been set free!
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