Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Who Murdered the Dastardly Duke of Darjeeling?

It was a dark and stormy afternoon....

Twenty ladies were summoned by Lady Shirley Lock-Holmes and Miss Jane Marple (spinster) to present themselves at Miss Marple's Ancestral Home to be interviewed, (over a proper cup of tea), as to which one of them had poisoned the Duke of Darjeeling!

Lady Shirley Locke-Holmes seen closely reviewing the evidence....!

The Co-Hostesses:
Ms. Jane Marple, Spinster and Lady Shirley Locke-Holmes

The table was set...the tea was hot!

It could have been any one of the ladies....they all had reason to despise him....
the devious, but ever so charming Duke who had frought evil and disaster upon each one...

the ladies were arriving one by one...some tearful, some angry and several quite defiant!

who did the murderous deed?

the Tea table was prepared for the Ladies to provide sustenance during this afternoon of investigation and tale telling....

it was to be a long afternoon...a little Sherry might loosen the tongue...

scones, thumbprints, mini-cakes, Devonshire cream
andive bites, chocolates and tea sandwiches to keep the vapors away
cookies, shortbreads, pinwheels...oh my
home made jam, lemon curd, clotted cream, several delightful sweets

The evidence...a broken tea cup, tea leaves, and a glass vial of arsenic poison found near the Duke's body!!!

Lady Shirley Lock-Homes is finding the clues.....

Yes....she admits it! She murdered the evil and dastardly Duke! She said, "He had it coming!"

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