Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Walk on the Beach!

The Christmas Treasures are put away for another year...
New Year Celebrations have come and gone...
A New Year has begun!
It is 72 degrees, the sun is shining and the sky is clear...
Let's go for a walk at the Beach!

We have a choice of many beaches in the greater Santa Barbara area...and it is hard to choose
because each beach is so different.
Today we chose Goleta Beach! It is a wonderful stretch of beach which goes all the way to the University of California at Santa Barbara, (UCSB).
Goleta Beach offers great parking facilities, a long stretch of grass with BBQ areas for families to gather, terrific sandy beaches, a wonderful restaurant called The Beachside, a Pier for fishing and launching boats, including the UCSB Marine Biology Lab Boats.
I arrived in the greater Santa Barbara area from the deep freeze in Calgary Alberta, a long time ago in January on a day like today. I thought I had died and gone to heaven! I remember body boarding in the surf at every opportunity.

Our son, Jon, learned to surf here at Campus Point, and still loves to return to "his beach" whenever he is in Santa Barbara.

Jon used to be able to see if "surf was up" from our neigbor's home through binoculars!

All of our son's science projects involved the Ocean, and much of his research was done here at UCSB's Marine Biology Lab with the help of the staff. Jon's interest in salt water aquariums began when he was in elementary school. As a youngster he had a difficult time sitting still in class, or reading. However, it was amazing how he managed to dog-ear his books on marine biology and salt water fish. We were sure that he would become a Marine Biologist! He would go to UCSB every week to get salt water to change the water in his tank.

Well...our son is studying Architecture in Bozeman, Montana! However, he has made it clear that he will be incorporating aquariums in all of his designs!

The year Jon spent in Hawaii raised his awareness about not taking coral or fish which are not replaceable out of the ocean for personal acquariums.

UCSB is an amazing Campus and adds so much to our community! This is a picture of the famous UCSB Lagoon, the site of many a graduation ceremony!

These are photographs of the Marine Biology Labs. What a great place to study or teach!

Surf Board Paddling is a newer sport.
For updates on surf swells and water conditions go to
For fabulous surf equipment, boards, suits, etc. try
both based in Ventura...just down the coast 30 minutes

Marine Birds are protected animals!
Here we are on the Goleta Pier..a very popular family fishing spot.

And what a VIEW!
My wonderful husband, taking a break!

Tomorrow is the first work day of the New Year and the New DECADE!
Back to work...helping people make their Santa Barbara Real Estate Dreams Come True!

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