Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Opa! Time to be Greek in Santa Barbara on July 30 and 31.

 Saturday Jul 30, 2016Edit event
The 43rd Annual Santa Barbara Greek Festival
celebrates its 43rd
 on July 30th and 31st when Santa Barbara’s Oak

Park transforms into a Greek Village with all the sights, sounds, aromas, and
flavors that the Mediterranean has to offer. The Santa Barbara Greek Festival
is one of the oldest and largest ethnic festivals on the West Coast, and Santa
Barbara festival-goers know that this is their once-a-yearopportunity
to “Be Greek for the Weekend”!
FOOD!  Bring your appetite and indulge your tastes
for an authentically prepared Greek Feast of flavors, including moussaka, gyros,
dolmathes, spanakopita, tyropita, lemon chicken, paidakia (lamb lollipops), chicken
gyros, and souvlaki, along with fabulous desserts like baklava, kourabiedes (classic
Greek wedding cookies), koulourakia (twisted butter cookies), karithopita (moist
walnut cake), yiaourtopita (yogurt cake), and melomakarona (spicey cookies made
with honey & walnuts).
 Make your way to the Oak Park Stage and
join in the fun! Dance to the exciting rhythms and sounds of live Greek music.
Enjoy the performances of award-winning Greek Dance Troupes, including Santa
Barbara’s own local dancers performing intricate steps in authentic costumes. Catch
one of several vocal and instrumental performances each day by the fabulous Village
 at the Parthenon Stage.
SHOPPING!  Shop at the Greek Boutiques – where you can
purchase authentic imported jewelry, art, and clothing, then meander through the
Greek-American Agora, or marketplace.
advantage of our FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE between the Sansum Medical Clinic parking
lot, 317 W. Pueblo, and Oak Park!
 The 43RD Annual Santa Barbara
Greek Festival, Saturday and Sunday, JULY 30th and 31st
from 11 ‘til 7 at Oak Park, Santa Barbara. Admission is FREE!
The Santa Barbara Greek Festival is sponsored by Saint
Barbara Greek Orthodox Church.
Join us for Sunday morning Church Services at 9:00AM at the Oak
Park stage.
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