Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy Bastille Day - French Festival Returns to Santa Barbara

Come Celebrate Bastille Day
Saturday July 14, Sunday July 15th
11 am - 7 pm

Oak Park
300 West Alamar, SB
Free Admission

The Food! The Music! The Can-Can
The Poodles!

Bon Apetit!

France comes to Santa Barbara! Fresh baked french breads and pastries. Classic and nouvelle cuisine and regional specialties. Crepes, onion soup, quiche, pates, sausage, escargots, Cajun and French Moroccan food, salads and cheeses. Beer, wine, sparking Champagne. Orangina, Perrier, and frothy cafe au lait. Chef Michel Richard says it's like going to France without paying for it. 

The Favorite Event is the Poodle Parade
Sunday at 6:15
All kinds of poodles participate each year: we've seen pedigree world champions (a.k.a. “canine topiary”) to shaggy cockapoos. Sometimes Mademoiselle Pseudo-Poodle shows up (she's a great dane with big crêpe paper puffs).

The two day event is a family friendly venue at one of Santa Barbara's 
best Parks.  The Event offers entertainment, all day, both days, lots 
of arts and crafts vendors, music, costumes, dancing and lots of fun!
Tres French!

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