Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Santa Barbara is Butterfly Country!

Butterflies Alive!

Summer is in full swing....
Our butterfly garden is alive and well...
creating lots and lots of new Monarch Butterflies!

Here is a Pupea...a Butterfly Cocoon
waiting for the Crysalis to complete
and turn the caterpillar into a gorgeous
Monarch Butterfly!

 Several years ago we discovered how to
cultivate a "butterfly garden"...
not only to attract the adult Monarchs to lay their eggs,
but to have the food for the caterpillars!

Milk Weed is a pretty little plant which
propogates itself very easily
and attracts Monarch caterpillars by the droves!

It is fascinating to observe them devour an entire plant..
and then go to their "resting place" to create their
little house which allows them to transform themselves
into gorgeous, stunning and amazing Monarch Butterflies!

The work of the caterpillar to create their
'pupeas' is heartwrenchingly difficult!!
However, the 'Crysalis Event'  is like a miracle!

Observing the "butterfly" leave the pupea
unfold her wings...dry her wings
and take flight is a miraculous event!

We are sooo blessed that the Monarch
Butterflies have made our gardens

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