Friday, July 22, 2011

Preserving Santa Barbara's Bounty

Home Grown turns into Home Made!

The Santa Barbara South Coast Area
 is referred to as "Paradise"
with good reason... 

 Almost anything grows in our temperate climate..

 especially good things to eat, which makes
living sustainably fun and easy.

and sometimes nature brings us such amazing bounty...

that even when sharing with everyone we know...
there's still so much left...

that I have taken up the age old art of preserving,
canning and 'putting up' nature's bounty!
my friends and family now look forward to receiving
preserved gifts from my kitchen

The Santa Barbara Newspress' Food Section
this past Thursday featured a fabulous
 article on locals who preserve, pickle and
can... some for profit and some for fun.

Check into Cindy Shipp's fabulous blog: 
I  attended her demonstration at
Whole Foods today

Cindy also teaches classes on this fun and
practical hobby....check out her website
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