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Summerland, California

 The bucolic seaside town of Summerland is nestled between Carpinteria to the south and Montecito to the north.


Founded in 1883 by Spiritualist and real estate speculator H.L. Williams. In 1888 Williams divided his land tract, on a moderately sloping hill facing the ocean, into numerous parcels. Fellow spiritualists purchased them and move to the area. The houses they built included unusual features such as doors which opened to walls, and stairways ascending to nowhere.  The spiritual center of the town was a community seance room, demolished when Highway 101 was put through in the 1950's

Tar from natural oil seeps in the Summerland area was used by both the native Chumash peoples and the Spanish builders of Mission Santa Barbara.

In the 1890s oil development began in the coastal area of Summerland, at the Summerland Oil Field. The world's first offshore oil well, drilled into the sea floor, was at this location.  Production at this beach area peaked before 1910.

In January 1969, a blowout at the Dos Cuadras Field, about 5 miles offshore, produced the infamous Santa Barbara Oil Spill, a formative event for the modern environmental movement.

Population of Summerland is approximately 1700.  Town includes a School, Church, Postoffice and has become known as a antique and vintage oriented enclave, along with beach oriented boutiques, health and beauty spas, fabulous little eateries and some great wine tasting.  A legendary ghost has supposedly been a resident in Summerland since the time of the Spiritualist movement. Summerland also has a wonderful beach and park.

Summerland has been a favorite beach community for locals for young and not so young, and a wonderful spot to visit.

(much of the above information extrapolated from the Wikepedia Page on Summerland)

Great Eateries 

The Famous Nugget, visited by former President Bill Clinton, offers
great hamburgers and a variety of Amerian style fare

Summerland Beach Cafe serving breakfast and lunch
all day every day from 7 am to 3 pm (4pm on weekends)
with a great outdoor patio

Stacky's Seaside, told to have the best Hamburgers and Tacos

great Wine Tasting Boutique located next door to
Rooms...a wonderful home decor shop featuring
upscale furniture, decor, books, etc. much of it
with a sophisticated beach flavor
 Botanik is one of my favorite Boutiques in the greater Santa Barbara area
featuring fabulous interior and exterior plants, books, shells, furniture and decor

View of Botanik's charming interior..
Next door is the newest member of the Botanik
exceptional children's store

 The Sacred Space is a Must See!

Two handcarved wooden elephants from Thailand mark the entrance 
A surreal experience including many enchanted rooms
 filled with imports from Thailand, Nepal, India, Indonesia and China
collected by the owners during their world travels
The scents, sounds and visions are heavenly.  The outside consists of a magical
landscape of tropical plants, flowers and waterfalls including a genuine teahouse.
The owners welcome browsers....but it will be hard to leave empty-handed! 

Summerland Antique Cooperative is chock full of gorgeous
antiques, vintage items, jewelry and more!
This is one of numerous antique store in Summerland, including
some very serious ones!

There are several charming clothing boutiques: Indian Summers, a women's clothing store featuring "Santa Barbara Feeling Clothes", and The Bikini Factory a local mainstay for decades, features "custom made suits to fit any body type under the sun!"

Who lives in Summerland?  Surfers, locals and tourists who stay!
Summerland's building boom of the 80's provided some wonderful homes.  The residential
area of Summerland is mostly built on a hill above the main street so most homes
feature views of the Ocean on the other side of Highway 101.  As noise travels uphill,
 many homes do experience traffic noise.  There are some homes on the beach bluff but these don't often come on the market.

Here's a home listed with my Broker, Village Properties, with our Montecito Office..

located high on the hill on Calle Culebra this residence is well protected from
traffic noise.  A very sophisticated contemporary residence of just over
2000 sf, it offers stunning Ocean views. Two levels includes a separate guest unit.

imagine enjoying a glass of local wine on this porch/balcony!
Voted the Best Buy of the week at $1,049,000.
(photos from the SB MLS)

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