Sunday, May 8, 2011

Santa Barbara Zoo

Mother's Day at the Zoo!

A beautiful walk through memory lane

 Flamencos are pink because of their diet of shrimp...
we learned that when son, Jon was at Zoo Camp as a youngster
and his troop that summer were Flamencos

 our elephants came as babies to our Zoo and they are right at home here
and love putting on a show!
 the Gibbons were in fine form...putting on a show of
hooting, hollering and swinging through the trees

There were 4 Condors in their sanctuary...amazing birds!

The Silver Back Apes were amazing...
this fellow was dragging his burlap blanket with him till he found
something to eat...he spread the blanket down, sat on it
and had his lunch!

King Lion was sound asleep!

This new Giraffe arrived at our Zoo with a surprise...
she was pregnant...and here she is with her new baby!

Our trip today brought many memories of the many visits we made to this
wonderful Santa Barbara treasure as our son was growing...

and then he called to wish me Happy Mother's Day!

Hope your Mother's Day was a wonderful as mine....
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