Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another Glorious Day in Paradise!

It is November...almost Thanksgiving and most of the country is heading into winter...except Southern California. Here is a view of a day in Paradise!

Today is Realtor Property Tour Day in the City of Santa Barbara. We looked at properties from the East side of town to the West side. Here are some of the views from houses we previewed today, priced from $1.3mill to $2.2mill.

These are photos taken from the Mesa (which means high plateau) over the City, south-east towards the Harbor and the Blue Pacifc.

This is the Santa Barbara Riviera, on the foothill side of the City..looking over the City towards the Ocean which faces South; one of the major reasons for our temperate climate.

Here's a view towards the south-west looking at the Santa Barbara Harbor

I'm standing on the deck of a gorgeous home on Mission Ridge Road, listed at $2,195,000.

The Santa Cruz Islands are visible in the distance with a bit of a haze shrouding them. The photos are not as crystal clear as I would have liked...however, it is between 11 am and 12:30 pm, so the sunlight is extremely bright...but you get the "picture!" It is a Glorious Day!

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