Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Wreath Competition at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden.


Submit Your Own Wreath On Behalf of The Garden 
Deadline: Dec 9, 2020
Get crafty and create your own beautiful wreath to submit to the competition on behalf of the Garden! See more details below.
  • Most "I want to hang this on my door"
  • Most avant-garden
  • Most whimsical 
  • Most naturalistic
  • Kids category
  • Best in show
Wreaths must be composed of at least 51% California native plants. This is evaluated by the visible material (armatures and other internal structuring, such as wire, do not count).

Any native plant included in the wreath must come from a cultivated source and not be foraged from the wild. Gather native plant materials from your own yard or come by our native plant Nursery to purchase plants to grow for holiday décor or native plant wreaths.
Submit your high resolution photo of your wreath by Dec. 9 to Include your full name, contact email, category, and where you sourced your material from. Keep your wreath or give it to a loved one as a sustainable and ethically sourced gift! Happy crafting! 

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