Thursday, May 4, 2017

My Little Tribute Garden in Santa Barbara

a little bit of Paradise

We moved from an acre 3 years ago to a small Garden Patio
which I can maintain myself
Spring has sprung and Summer is on her way!

this was the beginning 3 years ago
the pictures below is what it looks like now
beautiful fountain installed by Eye of the Day
 this little patio garden was all concrete
when we came here
 with nothing growing
 my darling husband and I with some help from
son Jon
 installed and planted all of this 3 years ago
 everything growing here today either 
came with us
or started anew here
 These Epiphyllums came along
I rescued these 'Orchid Cacti' from a client's yard
 this orchid is a re-bloom
this fountain was my husband's last project
 it makes me think of him every day
 these bird baths traveled with us
 Red Reedstem Epidendrums 
many started from 'pups'
 many succulents began from one small rosette
 this is where the bunnies dig under the fence
 birdseed tray

 front court-yard
gift from dear friend
 flowering succulents
 50+ year old Cymbidium came from my mom
and has at least 20 spikes each year
I know I got my love for gardening from her

re-bloom of Laelia Orchid purchased several years 
ago at the annual
Orchid Show in Santa Barbara 

 my husband loved his rain gauge
he would have been happy to see it fill
this past rain season
 yellow epis and yellow 
Banksia Rose Hedge
Night Jasmine, first year bloom
 new Monarch Butterfly drying his wings
came from my Milk Weed nursery
more Epidendrum Orchids
I have 4 colors

this gorgeous Angel Trumpet was
given to me as a small cutting

my darling husband made this beautiful
garden for me
his love is surrounds me
Thank you Doug 
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