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Morocco in Your Own Garden, by Virginia Hayes

Morocco in Your Own Garden

Inspired by Morocco, Virginia Hayes of Lotusland brings the Mediterranean to the garden. 

Efficient water features, lush but water-wise plantings, and beautiful pottery are hallmarks of

these outdoor spaces. This design is ideal for the drought-conscious designer.

(all information and photos from Eye In The Day Newsletter) for more information

One of the key elements of these enclosed spaces is limiting water use. The Arabic word for a garden of this type is riad and usually refers to the central fountain or ornamental pool. The fountain need not be large to provide a bit of cooling to the air as well as a sense of peace and luxury in a climate where water is scarce.  It is possible to recreate that feeling with a simple water feature created from a glazed pot and a small, efficient pump instead of building a large fountain.
Another feature is the exuberant use of color. Colorful pots, a painted wall or gate as well as bright flowers make for a vibrant and even joyful setting. Vivid glazed tiles, whether on the patio floor or the surface of a fountain, also contribute to creating an exotic paradise.

Eye of the Day|Plants for Moroccan Garden|Newsletter blog

Plants can be used as well and they do not have to be those that require a lot of water. There are many that are drought tolerant, yet lush-looking. Large leaves give a more topical feel and species such as bird of paradise, aspidistra and pygmy date palm do well in containers. Succulents are a great choice; from cacti to agaves and aloes, they thrive on little water and their foliage provides drama and color. The Canary Islands is home to a wonderful group of succulents, the aeoniums, whose fleshy leaves grow in large, showy rosettes and would be perfect choices. Even the humble geranium (Pelargonium) is sturdy and produces flowers nearly year round. Assemble several plants in one container to provide a miniature landscape or group individual pots together, mixing and matching your color palette.

Image Credits:
Moroccan Garden – Creative Commons, Chelsesa Flower Show Gardens by Rictor Norton and David Allen is licensed under CC by 2.0
Plant Image – Creative Commons, BCSS gloucester branch auction – The national agave collectionby stephen boisvert is licensed under CC by 2.0 

All information from Eye of the Day Newsletter.  Eye of the Day is an amazing Garden Center located in Carpinteria. Two of our fountains come from their Center.  Stop by this gorgeous garden center any day (except Tuesdays) to feast your eyes and meet owners Brent and Suzi Freitas

Eye of the Day Garden Center is located at 4620 Carpinteria Avenue 93013
Brent and Suzi Freitas

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