Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dance for CALM Saturday, November 15th at 6 pm

CALM (Child Abuse Listening Mediation) 

Fundraiser Fun at the Rincon Beach Club

Saturday November 15th, at 6pm

Keep CALM and Dance On at ‘CALM at Heart, Healing Through Dance’ Event

By Jennifer Zacharias for CALM | 
Keep CALM and dance on! To celebrate the power of healing through dance, CALM (Child Abuse Listening Mediation) is hosting its third annual CALM at Heart event — "CALM at Heart, Healing Through Dance" at 6 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 15 at the Rincon Beach Club.
“When children experience trauma, even as infants, they store that trauma in their body. When they are anxious or scared, they may breathe quickly, clench their fists, or even go limp. Our therapists use movement to help children become aware of their body, sometimes using techniques found in dance to help clients calm themselves,” said Cecilia Rodriguez, executive director of CALM. “Healing through Dance is an upbeat, mission-driven event to raise funds to support CALM’s vital child abuse prevention and treatment programs at CALM.”
This year’s theme, Healing Through Dance, will bring Latin American flair with a salsa dance lesson, Caribbean-style flavored bites, and most importantly, it will showcase how movement is used in trauma therapy. During the CALM at Heart event, guests will enjoy gourmet tasting stations, signature cocktails, local beers and wine.
The charismatic duo made up of Ali Azarvan and Tom Adams will emcee the event and entice guests with an impressive lineup of live auction items, including an exclusive ride for two on the Metlife Blimp, a relaxing get away to Paso Robles and a scenic flight about Santa Barbara The program will feature a presentation CALM and how effectively CALM home visitors prevent child abuse, as well as an interactive dance demonstration, after which guests will be treated to an exciting salsa dance lesson, and invited dance the night away!
To round up the program, CALM invites all guests to participate in a “Text to Pledge” opportunity. Guests can send a message to 41444 with the word “CALM,” a dollar amount they wish to donate, their name and a message. Those who are unable to attend the CALM at Heart event on Nov. 16 are also encouraged to “Text to Pledge” and make a donation to CALM at their leisure.
Tickets for CALM at Heart, Healing Through Dance are $250 per person, or $450 per couple, and are available by clicking here. For more information about CALM at Heart, Healing Through Dance or about CALM’s Therapy program and services, call 805.965.2376 or click here.
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