Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall Native Plant Sale at Botanic Garden, Santa Barbara

Welcome to

the Santa Barbara
Botanic Garden

Fall Native Plant Sale
Through Sunday November 2nd
Shop Daily 10am to 5pm

image of California Quail in wildflowers, SBBG MEadow Ground Cover Display ~ photo by Tricia Wardlaw

Come celebrate California native plants with us!

Today, California horticulture is in transition. Gardeners are becoming more interested in the use of native plants, organic fertilizers, and natural ways of combating pests. Taken together, the term "sustainable horticulture" is being used to describe horticultural practices that are least likely to adversely impact the environment. Gardeners are looking for ways to IMPROVE their soil and use less water so they can effectively grow the plants they love.

Why grow California native plants?

For 88 years the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden has displayed, studied, and conserved California native plants. Why natives? Native plants are the foundation for healthy ecosystems. They are a source of food, shelter, and medicine. They define the look and geography of our region.

With the simple addition of native plants in your garden or landscape, you will:

  • Celebrate the beauty of our unique California flora
  • Conserve our unique California flora
  • Enjoy the diversity of design choices for the landscape garden
  • Practice sustainability - lower water and fertilizer needs (saves you money and conserves earth's resources)
  • Provide habitat and food for pollinators and other beneficial wildlife
  • Connect with your California heritage and California's natural history 

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