Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Santa Barbara's Gardening Micro-climates

Santa Barbara is Gardening Paradise

an amazing variety of flora

Cactus Orchids

Stag Horn Ferns

Cymbidium Orchids


Curly Willow


Banksia Rose

Cecil Bruner Rose

Epidendrum Orchids

These are all plants grown in my garden.  If you would like information
about what grows naturally in our area, visit the following gardens:

Alice Keck Park a public garden, located on the
corner of Santa Barbara and Arrellaga Streets

Designed by local Landscape Architect Grant Castleberg
on the grounds of the former El Mirasol hotel, donated to the City.


Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens, a local non-profit garden,
located at 1212 Mission Canyon Road
for hours of operation and directions, click here:

both are great examples of indigenous plants to our locale.

Plant it and it will grow!

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