Sunday, March 16, 2014

Photos from the Santa Orchid Show ....a magical trip!

The Santa Barbara International Orchid Show
never fails to amaze me!

Here are some photos...

 This was a fabulous huge display
a large waterfall with a walk-way underneath


a riot of colors everywhere, 
and stunning displays

and exotic orchids
These are the hybridized Epidendroms
(also called "poor man's orchid") 
which I have quite a collection of

Here is a "Wall of Tillandsias"
also known as "air plants"
These plants don't need soil and take their water
from the air, or a spritzer now and then  

Here is a display of numerous types
of orchids

more lovelies

 don't know the name of this delicate plant
but love the long air roots

This was part of an Atrium type display with
hundreds of miniature orchids, each 
numbers with country of origin.

Another fabulous Tillandsia Display

Another wall display
of Bromeliads
(of the pine-apple family)
also known as "Butterfly" Orchids
One of my favorites!
Be sure to put this annual event on your calendar!
It is an amazing experience!

Did I purchase any plants?

Of course....Tillansias and moss
My Phalaenopsis (about 6 plants are blooming)
as are my cymbidiums (about 15 plants)
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