Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pianos on State Street October 10-21

The Miro inspired Piano, painted by local artists, inlcuding my
friend Judy Nilsen, second from right.

Fourth Annual Pianos on State
is a collaborative musical experiment
coinciding with the
2013 New Noise
Festival & Conference

October 10-21
9 am-9 pm
12 pianos all painted by local artists

Anyone who wants can "tickle the ivories"
The goal is to simply let people enjoy music.
It is a community project and the more people who 
participate the better.
Last year I watched a very senior lady (her daughter
said she was in her mid eighties) sit down
at the yellow piano in front of BofA in the 
800 block of State Street and gleefully
entertain a gathering crowd!

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