Saturday, May 4, 2013

Routine Maintenance Keeps the Value Of Your Property Up!

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As a Realtor, it always surprises me, when Sellers haven't 
maintained their property in good condition and then expect a 
Buyer to pay top dollar for it. Unless the property is 
exceptionally unique in amenities, location or is priced  less to 
reflect its condition, Buyers will expect to negotiate repairs 
and replacements.
It really doesn't take a lot of knowledge or work to keep your 
property in good condition and prevent "deferred" mainten-
ance issues.  Here are some tips from American Home Shield
provider of Home Warranty Policies at point of sale for both 
Buyers and Sellers.
How often do you think of the maintenance required to keep 
your home systems and appliances up and running? If you're 
like most homeowners, probably not often enough.
Here are several routine maintenance and troubleshooting 
tips for each of your homes' major systems and appliances. 
Each Item listed also has a link you can click for more 
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Air C System maintenance

To ensure efficient operation,
check filters every month 
Other maintenance suggestions

Heating System maintenance

Visually inspect exhaust vent for rust, 
damage or deterioration.
Other maintenance suggestions

Electrical System maintenance

To help prevent power outages, 
make sure there are not too many
appliances plugged into one circuit.
Other maintenance suggestions

Plumbing System maintenance

Toilet paper should be the only 
paper product flushed down a toilet.
Other maintenance suggestions

Washer maintenance.

To adjust the level of your washing 
machine, turn the legs clockwise to
lower them or counter-clockwise to 
raise them.

Clean the lint screen after each 
load of clothes has been dried.
Other maintenance suggestions

Water Heater maintenance

Drain and flush sediment from 
tank twice a year.
Other maintenance suggestions

Range/Oven maintenance

If you have a self cleaning oven, 
do not use any other method to 
clean it.
Other maintenance suggestions

Refrigerator maintenance

Clean the interior shelves, 
shell and gaskets every three 
Other maintenance suggestions

Garbage Disposal maintenance

To clean the disposal, feed a 
full tray of ice cubes through 
it while running cold water.

Would you like a referral for an appliance 
repair person, handy-man or any other 
Home Maintenance Vendor? 
689-7343 and I would be happy to send 
you a referral of someone highly 
recommended by my peers, or someone 
I have had good personal experience with.

There is no fee or obligation to either you 
or the Vendor, we just like to pass along 
the names of excellent workers!

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