Friday, January 4, 2013

Santa Barbara ZOO News to YOU!

News from the ZOO

Left to right from the top: Baby face! This handsome reptile, a prehensile-tailed skink, is the third of its kind born at the Santa Barbara Zoo. Photo: Sheri Horiszny    |    From Canada to California! Early in the year, we were delighted to welcome Michael, the #1 recommended breeding male, to our giraffe herd! The driving journey of nearly 3,000 miles took less than a week. Photo: Sheri Horiszny     |    Goma, one of the Zoo’s two western lowland gorillas, comprises half of a bachelor troop at the Santa Barbara Zoo. A bachelor troop is a type of natural social group found in the wild. Photo: Sheri Horiszny     |    Anara the anteater cools off in the pond. Anteaters are good swimmers, and can use their long snouts as snorkels. Photo: Sarah Varsik    |    The pride of the Santa Barbara Zoo! Chadwick and Gingerbread, long time residents of the Zoo, got two new roommates at the end of October. Neema and Kadi arrived from the National Zoo and are quickly adjusting to their new home. Photo: Sheri Horiszny     |    Katniss, the small-clawed otter, is enchanted with a piece of brightly-colored watermelon. Enrichment such as fruit cut into interesting shapes is part of daily life for the animals here at the Zoo. A tender moment between mom and baby. Our surprise calf, Daniel, taught us all about hand-raising giraffes. He will be deeply missed, but never forgotten. Photo: Sheri Horiszny     |    Capybaras don’t dance, but they do at the Santa Barbara Zoo! The world’s largest rodents will do almost anything for the attention of zookeeper Maria who has been with the Zoo for over 20 years! Photo: Sarah Varsik    |    Wanna flamingle? Five chicks from this year’s record nineteen hatches are being hand-raised. They will join the rest of the group on exhibit early next year. Photo: Tony Luna    |    Twin female meerkat pups, born in spring 2012, are eager to explore their surroundings. Photo: Sarah Varsik

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