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Learning About Santa Barbara Architecture!

Reginald Johnson,George Washington Smith, 
Edwards and Plunket,  Lutah Riggs, William Mooser III
...and more...

These are the names of the great architects who influenced
Santa Barbara's Mediterranean Style Architecture, 
often under the guidance of Civic Leader, Pearl Chase. 
After the 1925 earthquake, Ms. Chase made
it her mission to see that Santa Barbara downtown was 
rebuild in the Spanish/Mediterranean style architecture of 
todaythrough her wide-ranging influence
 and tireless advocacy.
to learn more about Pearl Chase Society, click here

Prior to the 1925 earthquake, Santa Barbara's architecture
was typical of the time in Europe and the US,  Victorian style, some
fine examples of which still remain around town, in particular the
home of Pearl Chase on Anacapa Street, 
now a designated city landmark.

On a recent balmy evening

40 Village Property Agents were invited 
to a 
 Walking Tour of Downtown Santa Barbara
to learn more about the
Spanish Colonial Revival Style Architecture
which characterizes our beautiful City.

On the steps of the Court House Sunken Gardens
Architect Anthony Grumbine taught
us about "Cyma Recta",  "Fascias" and 
"Bed Moulds" which characterize
Spanish Colonial Architecture

We were all handed sample drawings
to trace so that we would "get the feel" for
these details and recognize
the classic Spanish Colonial Revival
design decorations when our eyes sought 
them out on the buildings we were going
to visit

photo of Anthony explaining Cyma Recta 

Our first example, often called the most
 handsome Public Building
in the U.S,
The Santa Barbara County Court House

located at 1100 Anacapa Street
occupying up a full block 

After our "hands-on education" tutorial, all forty
of us Villagers followed Anthony to the many wonderful 
examples he had chosen for our tour.

 here we are, our sample drawings in hand,
walking up Santa Barbara Street

As we passed by an Edwards and Plunket building,
Anthony explained how this later example showed
a less formal application of the style

On to the stately University Club
 at 1332 Santa Barbara Street which had been
 converted from a Victorian to a Spanish Colonial. 
The new solid construction of the rebuilt structure 
allowed it to survive the 1925 earthquake

here's a photo of the former University Club 
building known as "Calkin's Castle"

Currently the Club still features some of 
the exterior
and interior Victorian style decoration

including wonderful antique funiture. 

crossing the street towards the beautiful 
Our Lady of Sorrows Church
located at the corner of Anacapa and Sola Streets.
Built in 1928 after the original Church, located on 
the corner of State and Figueroa, was completely
demolished in the 1925 earthquake.

San Francisco Architect Edward Eames 
used heavy steel beam construction to meet 
future possible emergencies.

Anthony pointing to the entrance and beautiful window

walking past an example of the City of SB's
Commitment to creating beautiful
low-cost housing on Sola Street

Heading towards State Street and the
entrance of the charming Arlington Theater,
also an Edwards and  Plunket Design

A view of the side alleyway of the Arlington 
Theater under consideration for
 restoration to its former grandeur

Here we are looking down State Street

at the recently completely restored 
and gracious Granada Theater Building

The tallest building in Santa Barbara.  It 
will most likely remain a first and last.

Also of note is the beautiful Santa Museum of Art
Anthony informed us that this was 
originally built as a US Post Office

Victorian architecture still remains on Victoria Street

Back where we began at the Court House
where the Clock was recently restored.
for docent tour information of the Court House, click here

Thank you Anthony Grumbine for your 
enthusiastic and educational tour of our
beautiful City! 
We Villagers are now more able to share
the history of our gorgeous Santa Barbara!

Thank you Ed Edick and Renee Grubb
Village Properties Brokers
for your amazing leadership!

Thank you fellow Realtor, Louis Almaraz for
sharing your wonderful photos!

Thank you Architect husband, 
Doug Reeves AIA
for designing our home to be
our version of Mediterranean Architecture!

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