Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Murder Mystery Tea

Who murdered Sir William Luytens-Greene,
head groundskeeper at Kew Gardens???

Lady Shirley Lock-Holmes (left) and Ms Jane Marpel (right)
were asked to solve yet another murder!

Sir William Luytens-Greene, the head groundskeeper at Kew Gardens, was found dead at The Garden.  Sir William was fond of dialliances in his potting shed.  It was rumored that one of his lady hor-ticultural friends in a pique of jealousy, brewed him the lethal pot of tea, allegedly made from Oleander leaves.

Twrnty acquaintance-suspects of Sir William were asked to tea at the
Royal Horticultural Society,
which was most eager to get at the root of this dirty deed.

The tea was held at the appointed hour at the ancestral home of Ms Jane Marpel of SB. 
The murderess was indeed outed. 
However it was found that the anyone of the twenty
Ladies could and would have done it gladly. 
The scoundrell met his just demise. 

After an intensive investigation, the tea was a most welcome and proper respite!

Ms Marpel pouring tea!
The ladies shared horticultural tips and a decision was
made to rid all gardens of  Oleander!

The Suspects!

 This was a self supported social event by and for ladies from
 the Assistance League of Santa Barbara.
volunteering is a fabulous way of giving back to the community
and making friends!
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