Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Other Places

Beautiful Montana's Wide Open Spaces!

Just returned from the incredibly beautiful State of Montana
Santa Barbara born and bred surfer boy...Jon

is attending Montana U in Bozeman, Montana, studying
Architecture in order to join his Architect Dad here in SB!

Here are a few photos of a visit with our son, Jon

enjoying Montana's grandeur!

getting ready to go "float-tube" fishing for trout!

"When in Rome......"

What a fabulous adventure!

Native Californian Dad loves it too!

America the Beautiful!

from the Ocean to the Mountains....

Katie, Jon and Sadie at Katie's home in Corvallis Montana

At the MSU "duck pond" fed by a "hot spring".

MSU - Architecture Building in Bozeman

What an amazingly beautiful campus!
Artchitect Dad said it reminded him of the "old"
days at Cal Poly SLO!
how blessed we are!
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