Thursday, May 20, 2010

Santa Barbara's Gardens are blooming!

a little bit of Paradise.....

Spring is almost over and summer is on her way....
visit with me....

my garden is filled with frogs, bunnies, squirrels and lots and lots of birds

come, follow me into my garden and relax a while..

The beautiful Epiphilium flower only lasts a day or so....

listen to the birds...especially the baby birds learning to find their way around

there are lots of places to hide and nest

our neighbor has real chickens...we love to listen to them cluck

this is our token chicken

this bubbling fountain serves as a deluxe bird spa

Peruvian Lillies are still in full bloom..the Monarch butterflies love them

a harvest cherub is watching over his garden's bounty...

this little cherub is holding a little bird in his hand

a smorgasbord welcomes a pair of mallards, several coveys of quail, every imaginable song-bird, squirrels, bunnies, even unwanted pidgeons and crows

flowers bloom everywhere

cymbidiums are still blooming, as are the roses 

this is just my humble garden....wait till you see some of Santa Barbara's really stunning gardens!
coming soon.....
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