Monday, April 26, 2010

Santa Barbara Zoological Gardens

Lions, Tigers and Giraffe's, Oh My......

The Santa Barbara Zoo is one our most magical local treasures!  The Zoo is located along East Beach in one of the most gorgeous spots in the Santa Barbara area.

Originally known as the Child's Estate, the grounds belonged to a Mrs. Childs who donated the property to the City of Santa Barbara to be maintained as a park. Legend has it that The Child's Estate was also a well know "hobo" camping ground (with Mrs. Child's permission).

On the top of the Meadow with 360 degree views stood the old estate residence. I was told that for a long time the residence was rented out to UCSB students, and was lost in the late 1950s to a fire.

new addition to the Zoo...a giraffe family

When I first saw the property is was being cleaned up by members of the Santa Barbara Junior Chamber of Commerce.  These were young business people of the community who took on the task of turning the property into a park, and eventually a zoological garden. Begun as an ad hoc community venture, it now thrives as a beautiful non-profit and a jewel in our community.

Accredited as a true Zoological Garden, the Santa Barbara Zoo has come a long way from it's origin.  People and animal  friendly this beautiful property attracts visitors including educators and animal lovers of all ages on a daily basis.  It is a popular place for birthdays for young and old.

A magical spot for weddings!

The Summer Zoo Camp is so popular that adults who grew up here send their children to attend camp at the Zoo.  Our family has many fond memories of birthdays and zoo camp for our son while he was growing up.

Young at heart or young, be sure to fit a visit to this magical spot into your trip to Santa Barbara.  For more information:

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