Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Huell Howser's Road Show at the 65th Santa Barbara International Orchid Show

Can Your Believe It??

Famous TV Personality Huell Howser came to our gorgeous Orchid Show to film it for his Television Program, "Road Trip".  

His show will also feature several of our local growers of orchids.  Our semi-tropical climate can grow and sustain many varieties of orchids. I  can just hear Huell exclaim, "amazing...!  And so it was a truly amazing and magical show! 

This year's theme:  Nature in Harmony
Here are some of my photos of the fantasy land created by our local Orchid Society and Societies from neighboring communities; as well as local and visiting professional growers.

Awards were earned by amateurs and professionals

a riot of Phalaenopsis also called 'moth' orchids 

a fantastic display of white Phalaenospsis with the longest sprays of blooms I've ever seen!

gorgeous easy to grow Cymbidiums..
my garden is full of them as I adopt them from my clients who are moving.

amazing Australian Dendrobiums are stunning and give out a deliciously exotic scent!

I couldn't resist taking home a couple of small pink versions

The central display was a Tea House surrounded by a small running brook and a waterfall cascading over the roof into the babbling brook which was lined with a stunning array of orchids and ferns of ever color and sort

display around Tea House

this side of the Tea House shows the large Staghorn ferns hanging over and against the walls
I have adopted several of these lovely plants also

Not sure, but this stunning orchid may be a Laelia

a view of the brook and a showing of a periwinkel colored Vandas

The redish/brown (or yellow Oncidums), also called Dancing Dolls, have a slight chocolate scent 

Beautiful pink Cattleya Orchids

Thank you Santa Barbara for putting on an amazing show!

Next Show July 9-11, 2010
The 30th Annual Santa Barbara Orchid Fair
over 30 Orchid vendors from around the owrld

Local growers

Cal-Orchid Inc
1251 Orchid Drive, Santa Barbara
winner of the Grand Champion and Best Orchid in Show 2009

Santa Barbara Orchid Estate
1250 Orchid Drive, Santa Barbara
1000 species and hybrids

Westerlay Orchids
3504 Via Real, Capinteria

Gallup and Stribling Orchids, Inc.
3450 Via Real, Carpinteria
805 684-9842

Orchid Society of Santa Barbara

These growers are open to the public

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