Friday, September 11, 2009

First Impressions count for houses too!

First impressions are sooooo very important! And you only get to make it once, for your potential buyer or your guests.

If you want to get some ideas on how to make the entrance to your home look super inviting on a budget, just go to to the following blog My friend Jermaine the creator of this blog is a stylist for high end home photo shoots and is amazingly creative. She translates high end luxury to those of us with modest means to help make our homes charming, inviting and luxurious without the big ticket items. In fact, if you are following today's 'green' philosophies of re-using and re-purposing and salvaging, you will really like the French Kiss approach to a wonderful lifestyle in all areas.

Santa Barbara's lifestyle and architecture is very eclectic..and therefore so very relaxed and enjoyable; just like the French-Kissed blog. It's better than reading a decor magazine, is available almost every day and with no subscription fees! Enjoy!
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